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The President's Letter

Cathy Schneider
2017 President

Our Chamber is so fortunate to have an active and engaged board of directors. Do you know who is currently serving on our board and representing you when decisions are made for our organization? If not, I encourage you to click on this link to our website,, to see the list of directors and the committees they chair.

Our board, through its monthly meetings, keeps its finger on the pulse of the Catonsville Chamber. And the directors are always looking for ways to improve the running of our programs and polity. At their July meeting, the directors voted to make a minor change to the process of voting for the next year’s officers, board of directors, and approving the annual budget. This change will be reflected in the Chamber’s bylaws.

Starting this year, the Nominations Committee will present its slate for the following year’s board of directors at the September board meeting. The slate will then be presented to the membership in the October newsletter. The November Network the ‘Ville event, being held at the Mason Lodge on November 13th, will also become the Chamber’s Annual Meeting. Again that evening, the slate will be presented to the membership and nominations can be made from the floor. The membership will then vote on the slate and approve the annual budget. We do need a quorum at this meeting, so I emphasize to our members the importance of attending the Network the ‘Ville on November 13th.

Previously this process took place at the Holiday Party each year. With moving the Annual Meeting to November, the Holiday Party can now be enjoyed as a celebration of the season only. The board felt after another busy Chamber year we all need a time to come together to enjoy each other’s company without the interruption of chamber business.

I’m sure this minor change to our yearly process will be welcomed by our members and I ask that you mark your calendars now to attend the next three Network the ‘Ville mixers, but circle twice the November event. It’s important to the workings of our organization for you to be present at our Annual Meeting.

See you around The ‘Ville in August!