The President’s Letter

Joe Poisal
2020 President

We are in the midst of unprecedented times, and businesses, and employees are tremendously affected. I believe we are taking the proper steps to flatten the curve with the Covid-19 virus, and we all certainly hope we will get back to normalcy sooner than later. 

The State of Maryland has provided much needed help for all those that are affected. Make sure you utilize everything that you are entitled to in order to help get through this temporary event. The following was emailed to our membership, but I thought it was so important that it should go this month’s issue. 

MD Department of Commerce Disaster relief for small businesses through SBA.

Two  Emergency Funds:

  1. MD Small Biz Covid-19 GRANT Fund 50 or less employees (including some funds for non-profit communities). Operational funds. 
  2. LOAN- zero interest loans up to 50k for 50 or fewer employees- operational funds.  Operational: Payroll, rent, utilities, etc. 

Visit for the latest information on this relief package.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that we will emerge from this stronger than ever! 

Hope to see you around the Ville soon!





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