The President’s Letter

Joe Poisal
2020 President

The pandemic has profoundly altered, and continues to alter, the future of many of our member businesses. The unexpected has forced us to reevaluate plans, practices, and procedures. Yet, one of the advantages of being a small business and local chamber of commerce is the ability to embrace and adapt to change.

Your Catonsville Chamber of Commerce much like many of our members has reevaluated plans for 2021 and is adjusting the way the chamber is run. The Chamber Board of Directors is excited to share that we are ready to move forward with restructuring the staff. We are employing a Community Events Coordinator, overseeing our three major community events: Farmers Market, Frederick Road Fridays, and the Arts Festival. This position will be held by Teal Cary.

Then we are hiring a Membership and Administrative Director who will concentrate on growing our member roles and coordinating our member focused events. This person will also oversee the day-to-day chamber office operations.

We hope to completely implement this new staffing structure by April 1, 2021

See you around the ‘Ville.