The President’s Letter

Joe Poisal
2019 President

This month I would like to point out the similarities of business, and rescuing a dog. Two weeks ago, Jacqueline and I rescued a 1 1/2 year old Yellow Lab from the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. There wasn’t a question that the breed fit our lifestyle. While the pup undoubtedly had some training, it was apparent that we needed to work with “Lily” on some concerns. We had early mornings, and late nights (sound familiar?) working with her. We have a vision that she will be well behaved and fit right in with our other rescue, Athena. 

Business is very similar to what I’m going through at the moment with Lily. You have selected a business that fits, and you are constantly working on it to improve it in steps. If you skip important steps with dog training, the end result falls short of expectations. The same is true with marketing your business. The Chamber can help give you recommendations on the steps to take to help the marketing side of your business. We can help your business by broadcasting your marketing communications through the Chamber Members Only Facebook page, community calendar, networking, and even emails sent to all of our Chamber members. There are multiple ways to sponsor networking events, Frederick Road Fridays, the Arts and Crafts festival, and other events. We are even offering a beautiful conference room for our Chamber members to use at no cost.

While we can’t do everything for your business, think of us as a resource, like a trainer. We will help where we can, and point out ways that can benefit you especially with marketing your business through your membership. 

Frederick Road Fridays has begun, and the crowds have gotten larger! The first two Fridays were gorgeous, and rain free! Please be sure to join your friends, and consider the possibility of sponsoring these concerts next year. It’s a great way to market your business with a lot of visibility in the community!

See you around the ‘Ville.



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