46th Annual
Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival

We are excited to share news about a major change happening to the Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival.

In 1962 when the first Arts & Crafts Festival was held in Catonsville only 52 artists participated, and the festival ran along the sidewalk in the 700 block of the historic state highway, Route 144, better known as Frederick Road. After several starts and stops and 45 festivals later, the event grew to be large enough to close the street, encompassing 256 vendor spaces along both sides of Frederick Road and extending from the 700 block to the 1000 block.

One can imagine the changes that have taken place on Frederick Road in those 56 years, and unfortunately, the time has come for us to move the event to a new location. The large volume of traffic that now travels Frederick Road, along with Mass Transit have caused the State Highway Administration to request that festivals like ours no longer be held on state thoroughfares. With the SHA only granting a one-day permit, our festival could never schedule a rain date. The Baltimore County Police have also shared with the Chamber their concerns. Strains on the police workforce would be relieved if large events did not take place on Frederick Road where traffic barricades, road closures, and police presence is required. To add to the reasons swirling around the ‘Ville about the problems the festival causes, now Maryland has begun seeing extreme rainfall during the summer months. Set up by a consistent jet stream pattern and amplified by a warming climate, we can no longer expect the Sunday after Labor Day, our annual festival date, to be safe from a major rainfall strong enough to cause a cancelation.

But in the middle of adversity lies opportunity, and the Chamber has found the perfect solution to moving the festival. Starting in 2019 on September 8th the Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival will have a new home at the Catonsville Community College on South Rolling Road. The college has a wonderful solar panel-covered parking lot that will be ideal for festival vendors, providing shade and protection for their booths. The college campus provides ample and easily accessible parking for vendors and patrons and provides the festival an opportunity to grow. Best of all the location allows for a scheduled rain date. We see the move as positive for the community and hope we can count on your support as a vendor and patron to continue to make the Arts & Crafts Festival one of Catonsville’s premier events.

2019 Artist/Crafter Application
2019 Chamber Member Business Application
2019 Chamber Member Civic Application
Interested food vendors should contact the Festival Director via email at chamber@catonsville.org.

Festival Rules

For more information:
Contact the Chamber office at 410-744-4169 or email festival@catonsville.org.

See you in September!

2019 Arts & Crafts Festival Location