Bacon N’ Business

Recruiting and Retaining Your Top Talent in a Tough Job Market

Presented by The Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce

Speaker: Dennis Sullivan, MBA, Breakthrough Pros

Hiring good, qualified employees is tougher than ever. Local unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been in 17 years. Salary expectations continue to climb, and employees seem to have more negotiating power than any time in recent memory. The good news is that you can still attract the best and brightest. Find out how to recruit and retain your top employees who will help you grow your business.

In this special session you will learn how to:
Create job ads that attract your top prospects — and turn away all the rest.
Take advantage of low-cost, proven recruiting tools you can use right away.
Post job ads on boards that deliver the best ROI.
Develop an interview process that ensures your new hires are the right fit every time.
Turn new employees into rising stars in 90 days or less.
Retain your top employees so they continue to fuel the growth of your business.
And much more…

Brightview Rolling Hills
848 S.Rolling Road
7:30 am
Cost: $25 members pre-registered, $35 at door and for non-members
Includes a delicious breakfast with bacon!