Dates: May 3, 2018
Time: 7:30 a.m.
Location: Brightview Rolling Hills, 848 S. Rolling Road

Presented by The Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce
Sponsored by: Breakthrough Pros

S#¤% Is NOT a 4-Letter Word!

4 Steps Anyone (Seriously!) Can Use to Sell Anything
& Still Feel Good in the Morning

Selling shouldn’t be a dirty word. But too often employees, managers and even some owners view it as a “necessary evil.” That’s a huge problem because chances are you’re missing opportunities to grow your business. The challenge is that most people – even “professional” sales people – have never learned how to use the 4-Step Sales Process and turn prospects into buyers. Whether you’re running a retail, service, manufacturing, or product-based business or even a non-profit, find out how to make the 4-Step Sales Process work for you and your team. Backed by science and supported with experience, you get proven solutions you can use right away.

Discover how to:

  • Sell without really selling.
  • Increase sales 18% using the FAB technique.
  • Respond comfortably and confidently to objections beginning with the most popular: “It costs too much.”
  • Create a culture of sales – so everyone is customer focused.
  • Boost incremental sales transactions 48%.
  • Apply the 11 most powerful closing techniques to get more people buying from you.
  • And much more…

$20 one pre-registered member with an employee or guest
$25 pre-registered members
$35 at door & non-members
Includes a delicious breakfast with bacon!