Shopping & Playing in Catonsville

Whether You’re Seeking Fun, Education or Service Opportunities,
You Can Fill Your Calendar in Catonsville

Catonsville’s activities don’t stop with the Chamber and business sponsored events. Evenings and weekends are lively with cultural and athletic events, neighborhood galas, outdoor adventures, learning experiences, and volunteer opportunities.

We have included a very small sampling of the pleasures that await your downtime hours below…

Arts and Culture

Whether you’re seeking an evening of the lively or visual arts, you can find a rich variety of cultural experiences in local venues such as the Lurman Theater, and Heritage Players, as well as the UMBC and CCBC campuses.


Watch your child’s team on one of our playing fields…or drop by the UMBC campus to watch the Retrievers. If you’re a soccer enthusiast, don’t miss CCBC’s championship teams in action!

Community Events

From summertime block parties to winter caroling, there’s always something happening in Catonsville’s neighborhoods.

Farmers’ Markets & Co-ops

Looking for produce, meats, and baked goods fresh from the farm? The Catonsville Sunday Farmers’ Market, offers just-harvested produce, baked goods, wines & spirits, and many other unique foods and beverages.

Dig Into History

Catonsville offers a rich sense of Maryland history at the historical park honoring the pioneering African-American scientist and mathematician Benjamin Banneker.

Giving Back

With our many churches, schools, civic organizations, and environmental groups, Catonsville is rich in volunteer opportunities. Join with others who share your concerns and make a difference for our community.

Lifelong Learning

Catonsville is a college town, certainly…but the opportunities for learning don’t end at the borders of the CCBC and UMBC campuses. You can find a rich selection of workshops, courses, and lessons from our main street, Frederick Road, out to the Senior Center at Rolling Road and beyond.

Outdoor Adventures

If a day spent in nature is what you need to recharge your batteries, Catonsville offers some of the most extensive hiking and bike trails in the area…not to mention opportunities for camping, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, and hunting.

You can stroll down the street to see your child’s team in an intramural playoff…or hop over to watch the UMBC Retrievers on the courts, track, and playing fields. And be sure to visit CCBC to see their championship teams in action!